I am not hindered by what I don’t know today, because I can and will learn it by tomorrow.

I am a constant creator. To some, design is a job. It has best practices, written rules, and a 9 to 5 lifespan. But what pushes my potential as a designer to produce great work is constancy. It is my lifestyle, and paired with Kaizen, my philosophy of constant learning and improvement, it creates my internal culture of being the best designer I can be today, and an even better designer tomorrow.

When I leave work, I go home and create some more. Whether it be illustration, hair design, FX makeup, cosplay, creative writing, or animation, I always have fresh ideas churning, and they leak into my work, and vice versa. I am not limited to a computer interface. I am a creator, in that I constantly find new ways to create. I build, photograph, sculpt, storyboard, sew, tear, grow, draw, rebuild, repeat. I learn, each and every day, using whatever resources are available to me. What started as teaching myself photoshop in high school turned into selling my artwork at the Mahlstedt Gallery in New York. What began as a hobby interest in motion graphics turned into becoming the sole motion graphics and animation specialist at my first studio.

Progress has been my core drive for my whole life, and it makes me into a powerful designer because I can problem solve beyond the means of someone who only works from their computer. I can streamline work for my coworkers in other departments because I make myself familiar with their tools. I imagine and implement out of the box solutions because I am constantly experimenting with new mediums, fueled by curiosity, empathy, a love of problem solving, and a drive to outdo myself.

This is my Kaizen.

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